Why We Love Our Jobs

During your vacation at Playa Palms Beach Hotel, we strive to make your vacation in Playa del Carmen a memorable one. But as they say, you need to love yourself first to be able to love someone else – that applies to work too. Only because we truly love our jobs are we able to provide a service and an experience that you will love. Here’s what our staff likes most about their jobs and their favorite anecdotes:

Carlos, Concierge

I love that my job gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and get to know their customs. It’s interesting to hear what motivated them to visit my country and Playa del Carmen and how they experience it.

One of my favorite moments in my job was when I recommended a lady a snorkeling tour in Cozumel. Little did I know that she was actually afraid of swimming. But somehow I convinced her to try it, and she had such a great time that she later sent me a letter, thanking me for recommending her this tour. She liked it so much, that it took her fear of swimming in the ocean away!


Iván, Reservations & Front Desk

What inspires me most about working with our guests at Playa Palms Beach Hotel is when I can make them smile and the fact that in a way, they make me a better person, by simply paying attention and listening to them. Each guest, with their different background, story, and culture, can teach me something new.

One of my favorite memories was when I could help get a guest her purse back. She lost it at a taco restaurant, with some very important documents in it, and was very worried. After a few phone calls, I accompanied her to the restaurant, mainly to translate between her and the waiters. They really did have her bag, with everything still inside. Seeing how happy she was having her purse back, made me happy in turn.


Carmen, Reservations Manager

Reading the many positive feedbacks we get is what makes me love my job. It motivates me to create the best possible experience for our guests, not only to increase the number of positive feedbacks but mostly because it really feels good to know we made a difference in someone’s life, by making their vacation memorable.

Last winter I remember being at our beach to take some photos when a guest approached me. She was a repetitive guest, who has been staying with us for years. She took out her iPad to show me photos she took of Playa Palms Beach Hotel over 10 years ago, and how the hotel and its environment had changed since. It really made me happy to see that guests like us so much, they come back year after year and keep their memories.


Luis, Head Receptionist

My job doesn’t feel like work to me because I really like what I do. Especially since Playa Palms Beach Hotel is a small hotel, what gives you the opportunity to provide a personalized service. Meaning that, unlike in big resorts, we get to really know our guests. It makes me happy whenever a guest takes their time to sit down at the front desk to have a talk and share some stories. It shows that they feel comfortable, that they feel like home.

One of my favorite memories were actually brought by a rather unpleasant event, namely Hurricane Emily several years ago. We had a couple staying with us who used to visit every year. They couldn’t get a flight back home, and with the hurricane approaching, we eventually had to evacuate the hotel. When I informed them, they joked about rather staying with me than at another hotel. I thought, why not? And invited them to come stay with me and my family. While the hurricane was raging outside we actually all spend a wonderful time together and our friendship lasts until today.

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  1. Louise Shea
    September 13, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    We have nothing but great memories of our vacations at Playa Palms! It’s been way too long and we need to get back! Soon!!!

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