Why a Non-All-Inclusive Hotel Might Be Right For You

The Riviera Maya is home to hundreds of resorts, many of them all-inclusive, where the price of your room includes meals, drinks, and entertainment. Many people love traveling this way. However, traveling not all-inclusive, with an accommodation that only includes the room and a breakfast, comes with many advantages too.

 All-inclusive doesn’t always mean all-inclusive

As above mentioned, the room rate includes all meals, drinks, and entertainment, what helps to plan the expenses of your vacation ahead. But some extra expenses should be considered, such as tips, and extras like spa treatment or tours. Also, you usually must pay extra for Wi-Fi access in your room. Besides, tours can turn out more expensive, since the travel agents work on commissions.

Staying at a non-all-inclusive, you can wander around and check out the prices for tours from different agents. Since this means more competition, the agents or concierge at the hotel usually offer better prices for tours. At Playa Palms Beach Hotel, you get free Wi-Fi in all the hotel, not only in the lobby but also in your room and even at the beach.

 Are you a foodie?

If you’re a big eater, an all-inclusive sure has its perks. Especially if you’re traveling with kids, having all meals included is a big plus. But the quality of the food can vary greatly and sometimes the quantity just can’t make up for it. The dining choices are limited and can be repetitive after a few days. If you decide to go on a tour or visit the nearby town, you end up paying twice, since your meal at the hotel is already paid for.

At a non-all-inclusive on the other hand, you can go and explore the restaurants and bars in the area you are vacationing, eat always what you’re in the mood for and try authentic, local food. At Playa Palms Beach Hotel, you also have the option of staying in to eat, since all our studios feature a kitchenette and the restaurant next door offers serving you dinner right to your room.

 Do you want to get to know the real Mexico?

Do you know these people, who rave about how beautiful Mexico is (or wherever they spent their vacation), and how friendly the people… but they’ve never left the resort? Often, it’s the location of the resort, miles from the next town, that prohibits from easily exploring other parts.

Spending your vacation at a non-all-inclusive, you get the chance to see the real Mexico. Staying at Playa Palms Beach Hotel, for example, you are not only directly at the beach, but also in the center of Playa del Carmen, a few steps from the lively 5th Avenue with restaurants, bars, shops, clubs and whatnot. Stay where you like the crowd and explore the area like locals do, discover hidden treasures, swim in cenotes, visit Mayan ruins and hidden beaches!

 Do you like to party?

Don’t expect the best nightlife at a resort. They do have bars and usually one or two clubs, but, depending on the resort, they serve rather cheap alcohol.  And they are just not as cool as the legendary Playa del Carmen or Cancun nightlife, with many bars, beach bars, and clubs, for example, the famous Cocobongo.

To sum it up, if you like to travel independently, discover the country, its culture, people, and food, you’ll feel more comfortable spending your vacation at a non-all-inclusive hotel.

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