When is The Best Time to Visit Playa del Carmen?

Planning your trip to Playa del Carmen, you might want to know when the best time to visit is. To be honest, there is not a simple answer to this question, since the Riviera Maya is an attractive destination throughout the year. It depends a lot on what your preferences are. We took all the facts into consideration for you to decide what time of the year suits you best.

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High vs. low season

High season in Playa del Carmen starts in December and lasts until March, with peaks during Christmas/New Year and Semana Santa, the week preceding Easter, or, in more American terms, spring break. Especially at its busiest times hotels are full, each and every sightseeing spot is crowded, and the 5th Avenue is bursting at the seams. If you plan on visiting then, make sure to book your hotel in advance.

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The low season is from June to October, mostly August and September are calm months. Prices decrease and you can walk the 5th Avenue or visit the ruins feeling less sardine-like.


Best Prices

Prices for hotels in Playa del Carmen and flights can vary a lot throughout the year. Typically during high season, especially Christmas and New Year, prices are at their peak. If you’re looking for good deals, book your stay between May and November or in general before and after holidays. Also, the earlier you book, the better the prices. Check out the best deals and special offers at Playa Palms Beach Hotel!

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With 340 days of sunny weather, the Riviera Maya is blessed with sun throughout all the year. The climate is subtropical, typically with temperatures between 27°C /80°F and 32°C/90°F during the day. In other words, it’s almost always warm and humid in Playa del Carmen.

Coolest months are from November to January, with warm days, cooler nights, and less humidity.

The hottest months are from May until September, with a high humidity and nights just as hot as the days. Good thing you can cool off in the Sea or in a cenote!

From June to November is also hurricane season, with its peak in September. But don’t worry, the vast majority of hurricanes do not make landfall. It is the time with most precipitation though, which also causes high humidity. Tropical storms with wind and heavy rains are not uncommon during these months. But even if you happen to encounter a rainy day, all rooms at Playa Palms Beach Hotel come with an umbrella.

clima playa

Playa del Carmen climate


Playa del Carmen is not only known for its beautiful beaches and cultural highlights like Mayan ruins. But also for several events that gained a reputation over the last years, and have attracted an international crowd. The biggest events are:

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If you wish to be informed about all events happening in Playa del Carmen and news of the region, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. The Playa Palms Beach Hotel is the perfect place to stay for visiting any of these events happening in Playa del Carmen, since you are in the very heart of the town, with everything in walking distance.

Whenever you decide to visit us, at Playa Palms Beach Hotel we will always do our very best to make your stay a memorable one!

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