Viva Mexico – Independence Day Celebration in Playa del Carmen

This Friday, September 15, Mexico starts its biggest fiesta, the Independence Day celebrations. Flags, hats, lanterns, and whatever else patriotic in the national colors red, white, and green, decorate the city during the whole month. It’s truly one of the best time in the year to be here if you like to get to know the Mexican culture. Here are some ideas what to do in Playa del Carmen on Independence Day:

Make friends at Playa Palms Beach Hotel

Stop by our front desk to receive a complimentary shot of tequila and clink glasses with our staff and fellow guests. Viva Mexico!

Have a Mexican dinner

Of course on a day like this, you want to eat Mexican. For the real deal, not just some tacos (even though they are a delicacy too), but one of those meals that make the Mexican cuisine so special, head to La Perla Pixan on the 34th Street between 5th and 10th Avenue. Open your appetite with one of their Mezcal drinks!


It can’t possibly get more Mexican

…than celebrating Independence Day at idyllic Xoximilco. The place boasts all Mexican traditions, serving you typical Mexican dishes, while you’re floating through the river on gondolas, accompanied by the sound of Mariachis and, of course, Tequila. An unforgettable evening is guaranteed!


Playa’s most Mexican party

Take part in Playa del Carmen’s biggest celebration. The main square across the City Hall (between 8th and 10 Street and 15th and 20th Avenue) is where the city’s main attraction takes place. Vendors are selling snacks and candies, there will be fireworks and free concerts – in other words, lots of fun! At 11 pm the municipalities governor recites “El Grito”, which names the heroes of the Mexican War of Independence and ends in Viva Mexico, with the people answering Viva!

But, what exactly are we celebrating?

In the year 1810, early in the morning of September 16 to be exact, Miguel Hidalgo put into words what every Mexican was feeling: That they’ve had enough of the Spaniards. That their government wasn’t taking care of things the way it’s supposed to. (Talking about how that got better is a topic for another day). Hidalgo, a priest of north-central Mexico, motivated his parishioners in a fiery speech to stand up against the unwanted Head of State calling for redistribution of land and racial equality. This caused a revolt that within a short time turned into a war that lasted for 11 years until Spain acknowledged Mexico’s independence. The before described recitation “El Grito” is to commemorate Hidalgo’s speech and the courage of the people fighting in the war.

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