Top 5 Things To Do In Cozumel

Are you looking for a day trip from Playa del Carmen to a close by paradise? Try Cozumel, the island just off the coast. Here are the top 5 things you should definitely when visiting Cozumel:


1 Chankanaab National Park

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This unique park has it all: diving and snorkeling among the coral reef, underwater statues, nature trails, dolphins, sea lions and other animals, amazing beaches and a lagoon. One of those places where you spend all day and don’t even notice how time flies by. Chankanaab is open from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 4 pm and has a 21 USD admission fee (14 USD for children 3 – 11 years).


2 El Cielo


Without doubt one of the most mesmerizing beaches in the world! The many starfishes you can see in the only waist-high water, gave this beach its name. It’s also a wonderful snorkeling place with sea turtles and many colorful fishes to see. El cielo is only accessible by boat, what makes it necessary to book a tour to get there. Our staff at Playa Palms Beach Hotel is happy to help you!


3 Cozumel’s Pearl Farm

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Who isn’t fascinated by pearls? The Cozumel Pearl Farm is located in a naturally protected beach, only accessible by boat. This has kept the environment around the farm in pristine condition. The farm is surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean sea on one side and dense mangrove lagoons on the other. The cultivated pearls are available for purchase.


4 Passion Island


The most romantic getaway in the Mexican Caribbean lies just off Cozumel’s shores. The Maya considered the island a sacred place and it’s alleged that if a wedding ceremony is celebrated there, the marriage will hold for all eternity. True or not, its white sandy beaches are a beautiful place to leave everyday hassles far behind. Picture yourself sipping on a delicious cocktail (yes, those with the little umbrella), lying in a hammock hanging suspended over the ocean. Or try one of the many water activities.


5 Rent a Bike


If you’re more about adventures than relaxing, rent a Jeep, ATV or a motorbike and go explore the island! Get away from the crowds and discover hidden beaches, Mayan ruins and the town by yourself. Let the island surprise you!

The ferry to Cozumel leaves at the beginning of the 5th Avenue, about 10 walking minutes from Playa Palms Beach Hotel. There are different ferry companies, they all charge between 135 and 167 pesos each way and leave quite often. It takes roughly 45 minutes to cross. The last ferry from Cozumel back to Playa del Carmen leaves usually at 10 pm.

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  1. deni
    June 8, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    A mi me encanto él solo viaje en ferry hacia la isla claro eso para empezar 🙂

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    July 15, 2016 at 11:41 am

    Please advise if this hotel gives airline industry discount. Thank you

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