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Playa del Carmen is mostly known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, the cosmopolitan 5th Avenue, and the many Mayan ruins along the Riviera and the Peninsula. The word ruins may wrongly imply that the Maya people don’t exist anymore. But fact is, one of the largest groups of modern Maya call this region in Mexico their home. Throughout the changes that came with modernization and tourism, they held on to their unique way of life. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the incredible Mayan culture!




Besides many other attractions, the eco-archaeological park has a Mayan cemetery and village. The spectacular cemetery is located on a shell-shaped hill, called the “bridge to paradise”. Shell-shaped to remind of the shells Mayans used to communicate with their gods. A narrow path spirals up the hill, leading you through seven levels, representing the seven week days, passing by 365 beautifully adorned graves. If you speak some Spanish you will enjoy it even more, for the lovely and sometimes very humorous inscription they remember their ancestors by.

If souls could speak... ours would speak of love.

If souls could speak… ours would speak of love.

Next to the cemetery is an ancient Mayan village, where you can learn about their daily life, taste delicious Mayan food, watch Mayan artisans produce traditional costumes and let Mayan rhythms carry you away while you watch the rituals and dances.

xcaret_pueblo maya

And of course, don’t miss the show, where you’ll learn in the most entertaining way about Mayan history and costums, like their famous ball game.



We already wrote about this ancient Mayan capital with its beautiful pyramid here. But in Cobá, besides from the archaeological site, you can also visit a secluded Mayan village. Learn about Mayan customs, enjoy a traditional meal and take part in a Mayan Blessing Ceremony. An unforgettable experience!


Mayan Sauna

In spite of the heat, the Mayas were big fans of the Sauna. The steamy stone saunas called temazcal, are used for health and spiritual reasons. Through the use of steam and healing herbs, ceremonies purify your body, mind and spirit. There is an authentic Mayan temazcal, called “Temazcal Natura”, close to downtown Playa del Carmen, where you can experience the fire ceremony and the vapor purification ceremony, performed by a shaman.



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