Why a Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen is Awesome

Playa del Carmen is the perfect destination for your wedding if you want to get married on a beautiful beach, with the turquoise Caribbean Sea set as the background. Plus, the Playa Palms Beach Hotel staff will do everything possible for you to have your dream wedding!

Say Yes in Playa del Carmen

There is a reason why the Riviera Maya is one of the top wedding destinations in the world. To begin with, it is a quick travel from anywhere in the U.S. In touristic places people speak at least a basic English, so there are very few language barriers and you can even pay in US dollars. But most importantly, it has a gorgeous scenery, amazing beaches, and sunshine throughout the year.

Especially Playa del Carmen has everything you want from a wedding destination. Delicious food, a fun nightlife and it’s a good starting point for many excursions to explore the Riviera Maya’s nature and the Mayan culture.

What we do for you at Playa Palms Beach Hotel

If you plan on getting married at Playa Palms Beach Hotel, contact our reservations team to help you personalize your wedding. We go the extra mile to make sure the bride, family members, and the wedding party are taken care of from the moment they step through our door.

The bridal couple will be accommodated in a top floor ocean front room. It has plenty of room for the bridal party to spend quality time while preparing for your special day. What you’ll probably love most, is its private terrace and the breathtaking views over the Caribbean Sea. Fully keeping with our motto, Wake up inside your dream!

Of course, we will set aside special rooms for your wedding party too. Since at Playa Palms Beach Hotel we know how important it is for you to have your family and best friends with you on your special day, we offer a special group rate.

Extra tips for your destination wedding in Playa del Carmen

People tend to forget that despite the tropical climate we also have seasons. The best time for your wedding is from December to April when it is rarely raining and the temperatures are mild, with cooler nights. Whereas in June and July it gets very hot and humid. From August until October it is rain season with an extremely humid climate. You might still consider these months since the prices drop and there are many sunny days too.

When shopping for your wedding dress keep Playa del Carmen’s climate in mind, and that you’ll probably be on a beach. Opt for light fabrics that allow breathability, such as chiffon or silk. And remember – high heels and sand don’t mix!

When you go to the beach before your wedding day, make sure to cream up well in sunscreen. You don’t want to walk down the aisle looking like a lobster! Also, tan lines are frown lines. Especially on your wedding day.

But, most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy every moment of your special event!

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