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Playa del Carmen is the Mecca of the Mexican Caribbean “laissez faire” experience with a dazzling blue ocean, vibrant nightlife and vernacular restaurants & shops. And from this summarized version of what we believe to be true, I sit most days of the week at our office in cozy boutique Playa Palms Hotel, working in front of the ocean listening intently to a thousand silent words of blue Caribbean waves and experiencing the small grandeur of a seeming small lifestyle.

From this place called Playa del Carmen, we stand in what others nickname “El Barrio” for no reason made known to us, other than the cozy cosmopolitan blend of nightlife and taste, sumptuous meals from world restaurants, original shops and quirky funkiness.

I am not trying to be pretentious in this blog and yes I manage this little hotel and would love to have you come stay with us, but also, so much happens 360º from our Playa Palms location, that I thought about writing this blog dedicated to what happens honestly (good & folly) Five Blocks around Playa Palms, Playa del Carmen.

Expect no huge news, only the little pleasures that make our lives grand.


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